Annual Meeting Prize Winners

Here is a list of all the winners from this year's annual meeting! Thank you to everyone who made it out to the meeting.


David J. White

James E. Lagemann

Rodney W. Nicholson

Carl S. Blacketer

Murrayville Woodson Water Commision

Cleve Curry

Mark A. Batson

Annette L. Suess

Carol J. Spangenberg

Betty Brannan

D. Christine Woodrum

Frank Wildhagen

Robert L. Shafer

Patricia A. Robinson

Carol S. Carnes

Dusty Lawson

Joseph C. Fanning

Michael E. Dappert

Rhonda R. Thomas

Cody Schnettgoeke



Mark A. Tipsord

Jerry O. Follis

Craig Vanhyning

Roger Lipcamon


Members' Fund

District 1: Pittsfield Fire Dept. – Terry Duke

District 2: Griggsville School – Cleve Curry

District 3: Illinois 4-H – Melvin Thies

District 4: Spring Creek Fire Dept. – James Fox

District 5: North Calhoun Fire Dept. – Dorwin Looper

District 6: St. Judes Children’s Hospital – Reba Witwer

District 7: Hearts Prairie Church – Annette Suess

District 8: Hearts Prairie Church – Myron Darush

District 9: St. Mary Church – Marilyn Fuhler

District 10: Hillview Baptist – Arthur Hallock

District 11: DAV – Sandy Angelo