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  • Please visit our Outage Center below for an important message regarding high water levels.


Annual Meeting Prize Winners

Here is a list of all the winners from this year's annual meeting! Thank you to everyone who made it out to the meeting.


Byron & Armilla Berry

Dee Damm

Fletcher Blackburn

Barbara Moore

Marguerite Peters

Dusty & Brandy Lawson

Kerry & Annamaria McCombs

Rosemary Nell

Mary Buhlig

Raymond & Carolyn Allen

Howard & Sally Smith

George & Virginia Archer

Marilyn Cox

Darrell Howard

Carl Blacketer

Robert & Janet Lake

Laine & Joan Comerford

Joseph & Mary Helen Schnelt

Paul & Janet Hansen

Connolly Farm - Chris Schafer



John & Joyce Weder

Don Campbell

Oxville Church

Harold & Dora Mae Baird



District 1: Mark & Betsy Pulliam - Barry American Legion

District 2: Peggy Guthrie - Blue River Cemetery

District 3: T. & Catherine Grady - Winchester EMS

District 4: Del Rio Co. - West Cemetery

District 5: Darren & Christine Hayn - Eldred Baptist Church

District 6: Donald & Margaret Savage - Alsey Baptist Church

District 7: Martha Wilkinson - Franklin Methodist Church

District 8: Jonathan & Crystal Kaushal - Pleasant Hill Baptist

District 9: Duane Mazzacavallo - Lutheran Family Services

District 10: Dusty & Brandy Lawson - Red Cross of Greene County

District 11: Scott & Julie Rhoads - Carrollton Food Pantry