Historically, home phone service was still accessible and usable during a power outage. However, as services have evolved to use a data connection to communicate, this is no longer the case. To avoid disruption of phone service and maintain the ability to connect to emergency (911) services, ILLINOIS ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE offers battery backup devices for the home phone service.

Availability of Backup power sources/ purchase: ILLINOIS ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE offers battery backup options for sale through our main number 217-742-3128. Subscribers may purchase the battery and have it installed during the initial phone installation. The installation of all batteries bought after phone service is operational and will be the responsibility of the Subscriber.

Service limitations with and without backup power during a power outage: Subscriber will not be able to use home phone service in the event of a power outage if there is no battery backup for the MTA/ONT. This also means services that are reliant upon phone service, such as home security and medical monitoring services, will also not be usable during the power event. ILLINOIS ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE has (8 hour/24 hour) backup battery options. These battery backup options will maintain the advertised number of coverage hours when they are new and sparsely used. Usage during the outage and age will contribute to the decline in number of hours these devices will operate in the event of a power outage. In addition to these limitations, cordless phones require batteries to operate so please refer to cordless phone instruction manual regarding those limitations.

ILLINOIS ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE does not guarantee uninterrupted phone service even to Subscribers who have battery backup power options. Other factors on the public telephone network may prevent proper operation of the phone service even if battery backup options are present.

Proper usage and storage conditions for battery backup power source: Subscriber is solely responsible for testing, monitoring and replacing batteries on a regular basis. Please follow more detailed instructions included with your battery regarding proper testing, monitoring, storing and use of the battery backup power option.

Battery Backup Warranty: Please refer to information included with your battery backup power option for warranty details and requirements.


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