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Annual Meeting Prize Winners

Annual Meeting Photo of Crowd from Behind with word Annual Meeting Prize Winners Overlaying the Center
Thank you to all who came out for our 2024 Annual Meeting. Congratulations to the winners below!
Richard Albrecht
Robert Gardner
Scott Mason
Thomas Welch
April Littig
Gary Radliff
Christine Montgomery
Carol Hajek
Randall Lowe
Keith Devlin
Jennifer Baltisberger
Julia Whitehurst
Wm. J. Eddinger
Darrell Moore
David Longmeyer
Christopher Kinsey
Heckler Farm Partnership, LLLP – Mark Hart
Jolene Pool
Larry Weder
Donald Savage

Charles Clayton
Randall Schofield
Randy Whewell
Judith Saxer

Members’ Fund
District 1 – Deloris Fetherstone – The Crossing Church Griggsville
District 2 – Randall Lowe – Two Rivers Regional Council – Pittsfield
District 3 – Christopher Kinsey – PAWS of Jacksonville
District 4 – James R. Fox -Spring Creek Fire Dept. – Nebo
District 5 – Charles R. Quiller – St. Jude Hospital
District 6 – Thomas R. Hardy – Outreach Community Center – Winchester
District 7 – Mark Blimling – Murrayville Woodson Food Pantry
District 8 – Brian L. Dawdy – Manchester Baptist Church
District 9 – Larry L. Pohlman – St. Mary’s Cemetery – Brussels
District 10 – Dusty Lawson – Pine Tree Cemetary
District 11 – Lindell G. Schofield – Walkerville Baptist Church
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