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Learn About Our New Bills

Starting in April, members will notice a new look to their monthly bills.

Our goal with the redesigning the monthly statement is to better communicate with the membership. “We believe the new bill will be easier to understand and offers more information than the old bills,” says Ashley Graham, Administrative Assistant.

The new statement also offers more information than our previous bills. A graph of members’ electric usage history with the daily average temperature for the month can be seen on the new bills.

One of the most noticeable changes to our monthly bills is the color. In the past, our bill was printed in one color as a way to be cost efficient. When going through the process of updating our bills, we learned that with newer printing technologies there would be no added cost to using multiple colors.

We will utilize color throughout the bill to highlight different areas to better communicate with members.
Our bills are the most important communication we have with the member. Making sure that members understand the information is critical. and we feel that the new bills will do a better job of this.

See the corresponding images below to learn more about each area of the new bill.


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